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Hi my name is gina. I am a Designer and creative who has a passion for creating functional in inviting spaces for you and your family. I work with all budgets and design styles. I take pride in making a home beautiful without breaking the bank. anyone can spend a ton of money and have a beautiful home, but doing it on a budget is way more exciting. I have a passion for decorating and designing everything from home décor to women's fashion.


I offer a full service package experience for the local client, as well as a more simple package for those who just need a fresh set of eyes to help them achieve their dream home. My full-service package experience is a face-to-face collaboration with effortless results. together we will turn your dreams into a spectacular space. we will choose color palettes, and narrow down your style. I will take care of sourcing new and/or vintage items, purchasing, placement and styling. from seedling ideas to fully bloomed designs, I will leave you with a fresh, peaceful space and a full-service experience you will enjoy.

I also offer custom designed and made t-shirts, signs and pillows. all of my creations are 100% hand made and hand designed by me. I offer the highest quality custom pieces around and truly take pride in everything I do. I offer everything at the lowest prices possible and would love to see you style your pieces in your own homes.

if you are interested in learning more about me and my services, please email me at ginabonasera@gmail.com

Design your space the way you dream it to be

& Make it Unforgettable

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